Investor's funds are kept safe on a bank account that is separated from Bulkestate’s operational bank account. The funds on the separate account are not deemed to belong to Bulkestate. If the fundraising/crowdfunding project is not successful and the investment goal is not reached, investors do not suffer any losses.

While we make every effort to safeguard our clients’ investments and returns, every investment project involves risks, which at times may have an adverse effect on the performance of respective real estate project and may result in loss of a part or even the entire investment. Please note that returns (including the principal amount of the investment and proceeds) on investments are not guaranteed. Past performance is no guarantee of similar future results. The planned investment goals may not be achieved. Therefore, the investors should acknowledge and independently conduct a thorough analysis of all the risks associated with each investment.

Before making an investment decision, each investor should carefully familiarize oneself with the information of the investment project provided on Bulkestate’s website and, if necessary, consult with financial, tax and legal advisors. All the information provided on Bulkestate’s website is for informational purposes only and it may not be treated as investment, tax or legal advice. Also, some of the information made available by Bulkestate may be obtained from third parties. While Bulkestate has taken steps to ensure the reliability of such sources, Bulkestate takes no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of such information.