We have developed an affiliate programme with an attractive offer for our cooperation partners and distributors.


How does it work?

  • Receive 1% from every attracted investment made by an investor in the first 180 days upon registration.
  • Bulkestate provides its partners with the necessary links and banners to facilitate attracting investors.
  • Bulkestate provides precise accounting on every attracted user and the invested amount.

Several reasons to apply

  • Competitive offer with a high commission rate.
  • Reliable and strong cooperation partner.
  • Necessary resources to enable work.

How to apply for an affiliate programme?


Frequently asked questions
Which countries does Bulkestate accept the investors from?
Investors can apply from European countries or other countries if an investor has a bank account in Europe.
Which currencies are accepted in the Bulkestate platform?
Platform accepts investments in euro.
What is the minimum investment amount?
Minimum investment amount in the Bulkestate platform is €50.
Is Bulkestate activity supervised?
The company is registered at the Register of Economic Activities of the Republic of Estonia.
Are investments secured?
In contrast to quick loans or similar loans, Bulkestate offers a safe way of investment that is secured by real estate property.
How long is the investment period?
Investment period is different for various projects. Most frequently projects with an investment period of 12-24 months are available.