What guarantees are provided for investments?
Each investment object is being examined from both Bulkestate and real estate experts, as well as the loan is secured by a mortgage on immovable property, so we are sure that the loan will be repaid to investors. We also take into account the future value of the property, where loan to the market value of the object is relatively low, which indicates that the object will be quickly realized, to repay the loan to investors in case of project failure.
What happens if the required loan amount is not raised within the specified time?
If we will not collect applications for all required amount, the transaction will not take place, and all the money paid will be repaid to investors.
Is it possible to invest more than once in the particular object?
Until the required amount is collected investments may be made several times, but only if the previous investment is actually paid or is over the investment period for payment (48 hours).
What is the maximum investment amount?
There are no restrictions for investment amount, but it cannot exceed the amount of the loan amount.
Is it possible to withdraw the money before the end of the investment period?
At present, we cannot offer the possibility of withdrawal the money before the schedule.
Are there fees for investors?
No. There are no investor fees for joining Bulkestate and accessing the investment opportunities.
What agreement shall be signed with the investor?
An assignment agreement will be concluded between investors and Bulkestate by which the investor buys a part of a claim arising from the loan agreement signed between the borrower and Bulkestate.
When and how often the investment repayment is performed?
Investment principal amount together with the total amount of accrued interest will be paid to investors at the repayment date specified for each investment object proposed at the Bulkestate platform.
What is the minimum investment?
The minimum investment is 50 euro.
Who can invest?
Any company or any person over the age of 18 can currently invest.
How much does the loan cost to developers?
1.8% of the loan amount when it was issued, and 0.9% of the loan amount, at the loan repayment term.
What agreement shall be signed with the developer?
A loan agreement will be signed between the borrower and Bulkestate.
What is the loan process for the developer?
To be able to start your project evaluation, we need information the most important parameters about the project: 1. Location — address or at least a region where the project will be realized. 2. Type of property — residential or commercial. 3. The target audience for sale of property. 4. Planned selling prices. 5. Overall and useful spaces. 6. The works provided within the project — renovation, construction, etc. - and their indicative timetable. 7. The required amount of investment. 8. The planned financing structure.
Secure deals
What happens If Bulkestate becomes insolvent?
Bulkestate solvency does not affect risk of losing investment, because the requirements along with the whole of the security are sold to investors. If someone is trying to stop our operations, the loan service is automatically transferred to the law firm, which provides loans and assignment of the contract in accordance with their terms.
How the security of the customers’ funds is ensured?
Generally security consists of our contracts with customers, providing that clients’ money paid is not funds of our company and it is administered outside the property of company, if an insolvency procedure occurs.
If the borrower is unable to repay the loan and Bulkestate sells the pledge, will investors receive their percentage of the investment?
Loans are structured in such a way that the pledge guarantees both the loan amount and the interest. However, there is a risk that if the sale of the pledge will require a longer period of time, the total percentage yield may be lower than planned.
What happens if the borrower's payment is delayed?
If the borrower will delay payment periods of 15 days, we have the right to terminate the loan contract and require immediate repayment of all loan amounts. In fact, we will evaluate the circumstances that led to delays and the decision will be made according to the best possible conditions for the investors.
Can the developer extend the loan repayment period?
We are creating a loan so as to avoid the need to extend the repayment terms. However, if such a need arises, for example, due to the sale of the property for longer periods than previously planned, each case will be evaluated individually and the decision will be made according to the best possible conditions for the investors.
What happens if the developer repays the loan ahead of schedule?
If the developer repays the loan ahead of schedule, all the money together with interest received is returned to investors. The minimum term of the loan for which the borrower will pay interest, regardless of the time period when the loan was actually used, is three months.
Are the electronic contracts legally enforceable?
Electronic contracts are legally enforceable and shall enter into force when we have received confirmation from the bank for the investment of contributions.
Bulkestate is a member of the Alternative Financial Services Association of Latvia and the European Crowdfunding Network.