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Privacy policy of Bulkestate

The general objective and purpose of the processing of personal data

Bulkestate OÜ (Bulkestate) processes all personal data in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, the Law on Consumer Protection and other normative acts of the Republic of Estonia. Bulkestate collects, stores and processes personal data in order to provide customers and users of the portal Bulkestate, registered on the portal, the following services:

- purchase and sale of real property;

- getting the right to request a loan.

Data collection

The collection, storage and processing of personal data of customers and users of the portal will be started only after the client requests for services during the registration on the portal. In order to render services Bulkestate can process such personal data, but not only, as the name, contact information, personal identification number, credit information, and other, that is necessary for rendering and ensuring the services. For identification of customers and users of the portal Bulkestate may request from the client the additional documents to establish the identity of the client. In order to provide each respective service Bulkestate may also receive from other persons and from other databases the data necessary for rendering the services, for example, credit information, debt instruments, property rights, and others. 

Data transfer

Bulkestate does not transfer the personal data of customer and user of the portal to third parties, except in cases of default and establishment of debt, as well as to verify the creditworthiness or in cases where it is essential for the ability to provide the services requested by the client. In the case of debt Bulkestate may transfer personal data to enterprises of debts collection. Bulkestate does not transfer personal data to other states and processes them only on the territory of the Republic of Estonia. Bulkestate is obliged to transfer the personal data to the state law enforcement institutions, if they request them according to the law.

Data security

Bulkestate highly values the security and confidentiality of customer data and the users of the portal. Bulkestate uses the latest technology to maximize the protection of the privacy and security of data of customers and portal users using special protection methods and data encryption, but still can not guarantee 100% data security.

E-mail addresses

Bulkestate can use clients’ and registered users’ e-mails for sending commercial messages and messages on the proposed services of Bulkestate or related enterprises, products, and various promotions and special offers. Customers and users of the portal can individually opt out of receiving such communications.

Special Cookies

In order to ensure Bulkestate services the special Cookies are used to improve the experience of use of the portal and to provide its excellent functioning. Special Cookies are small text markers, which are stored by the program of accelerated network viewing on a computer or in mobile device of user. Bulkestate can use a special Cookie for such purposes, but only, to improve the functioning of the portal and application, statistics, saving of user settings and others. A user can in his browsing or mobile Internet device to ban the special Cookie for all or specific Web-sites, but separate functions for the use of the portal can be limited in this case.

Access to own personal data

Customers and users of the portal can get acquainted with the processing of their personal data, to obtain information about what information Bulkestate stores and processes about them, from whom any of the relevant information is been obtained and to whom it is transferred. Such information is provided by Bulkestate only to identified customers and users of the portal, within thirty days after receipt of the request.

The client and the portal user has the right to require that their personal data have been amended or corrected, as well as their processing shall be discontinued or they shall be destroyed, if the personal data are incomplete, outdated and unreliable. If the user can prove that the personal data are incomplete, outdated or unreliable, Bulkestate immediately eliminates them. In this case, before applying the relevant demand the user is required to identify themselves and prove their identity.

Duration of data processing

Bulkestate stores and processes personal data for such a long time as it is established by normative regulations or for so long as is necessary for the rendering of service, in compliance with the established normative acts of responsibilities Bulkestate for the storage of personal data, or for so long to ensure compliance with obligations of Bulkestate as data manager and to perform the duties of clients' rights as data subjects prescribed by the law, for example, in respect of the storage and transfer of information regarding the persons who have received or otherwise processed the personal data of customers.

Changes in the privacy policy

Bulkestate has the right to make changes to the privacy policy at any time by posting them on the portal and sending customers and users to e-mail. The changes take effect from the date of their publication on the portal and sending customers and users, and they replace all previous privacy policies. 

Manager of the processing of personal data and its contact information

Bulkestate OÜ
A. H. Tammsaare Street 47, Tallinn, 13415
+371 24 20 20 24

Bulkestate is a member of the German-Baltic chamber of commerce and the European Crowdfunding Network