Set up your account

To start investing, you need to create your Bulkestate investor account. Register with your e-mail or use your Facebook or Google account profiles to sign in the platform. Activate the account by e-mail confirmation and log in your account.


Add funds to your account

Transfer money from your bank account to Bulkestate virtual account and start exploring the investment opportunities. You can use your Bulkestate account features to set up an Auto Invest tool, which will automatically make investments according to your defined preferences.


Choose the right investment object

You will see different types of investment opportunities - loans secured by real estate properties - listed on Bulkestate platform. Select the investment project according to your wishes – by planned revenue, loan to value (LTV) or investment period.


Become an investor

Make your investment and earn money! Access your investment history in your Bulkestate account to see the details of each investment payment, including planned revenue and repayment date. Receive your profit and invest in the next object to earn some more!