Ул. Реминес III

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93,340 €

привлечены от 137500 €

93,340 €

привлечены от 137500.00 €

  • 13 %

    Годовая доходность

  • 12 months


  • 65 %

    Коэффициент обеспечения

  • 398


  • 6

    Дней осталось

  • Mezzanine


Repayment in 12 months (21.06.2023)


The property consists of a land plot with a total area of 911 sq.m and a two-story-high residential building with a total area of 216 sq.m. The private house is located in Teika, Riga, a popular residential area close to the city centre.

This quiet neighbourhood is one of the greenest areas near the city centre, which mainly consists of private homes with quiet streets. The convenient location allows reaching the city centre only in a few minutes. Nearby, there are also shopping centres, schools, a children's day-care centre, a 24-hour pharmacy, and places for entertainment, doing sports, and other recreation.

Loan target

This loan will refinance the principal amount of the previous loan of the borrower.

Amount of the loan

137 500 EUR

As the borrower has financial commitments with a credit institution, the combined LTV of 65% consists of the sum of the Bulkestate loan and the bank's financing against the value of the property. This is a mezzanine loan, that is subordinated to the claims from the bank which holds the mortgage on this property. 

Independent valuation of the property

290 000 EUR

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