June was an exciting month for us as our first-ever Flash project was funded and also the first winner was determined on June 17.

We are very happy to congratulate the winner and wish all investors the best luck in further Flash projects.

The winning Flash ticket was #3150 and the winner immediately received the prize of 1 500 EUR in his virtual account. In the first Flash project, he invested 1 000 EUR. The lucky investor comes from Latvia and with Bulkestate he is since 2016.

We also want to share a short interview with the winner Ansis, who was ready to talk with us and give his insights about Flash.

How did you hear about Bulkestate?

I have been using Bulkestate for a long time, since 2016. To be honest, I don't really remember where exactly I found out about the platform but I have been an investor almost since the beginning.

What are your investment habits?

I’m a fairly active investor. I’m investing in different asset classes and not just real estate and I’m also using different platforms and brokerage services.

What convinced you to invest in Flash?

I saw a new product on the platform and decided to try it out with a small amount. You should try something new and I did not see any real drawbacks.

The 2% interest compared to other objects is a small amount, but it is still way more than just leaving the money in a bank account.

Do you consider yourself a person, who likes to take risks?

I wouldn't call myself a gambler, nor do I invest in risky asset classes, like crypto etc. But of course, investing comes with a risk. However, in the case of Flash, I did not feel the risk element.

So you don't consider Flash as something close/similar to gambling? Don't you consider Flash riskier?

Of course, there is a certain gamification element in the Flash product because there is a chance to win. At the same time, however, I do not consider them to be games of chance, because the basic amount is secured and is essentially a win-win situation. Although 2% is not a large amount, it does not bring any losses and you can try out to invest in such projects with smaller amounts and if you are lucky, you can win the prize.

Do you plan to invest in Flash also in the future?

Hard to say at the moment, probably yes.

Maybe you have some ideas, and comments on how would you like to improve Flash?

No, I don’t have any suggestions. I'm not sure if changes in the baseline return of 2% or 5% would change anything.

What were your emotions when you received the information, that you have won the prize and do you know what will you do with the prize?

At first, I was really surprised. I haven't won anything and this was a first for me, I was really happy about it. I have not decided what to do with the prize money.

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