Since the inception of Bulkestate, we’ve been very proud of having a strong track record where we’ve never lost any of our investments along the way. We spend a lot of time and resources ensuring that we look after the objects that our clients invest in – so that we can deliver the returns that our customers know us for.

That doesn’t mean that everything is always smooth sailing. Real estate is a challenging business and we’re not always in control of all the different variables that come with any particular object. The nature of these investments is that there is always a risk of delays or even defaults – regardless of how many mitigations we put in place along the way.

In an attempt to protect our investors from such events, we’re launching a new product called ‘Direct Exit’ to offer a convenient offramp for those who want to liquidate their investment and move on.

What is ‘Direct Exit’?

‘Direct Exit’ is a programme that allows investors to sell back their invested stake to Bulkestate or a specified third party, allowing them to receive the cash rather than remaining in the investment. Investors who use this route will be able to liquidity their assets instantly and they’ll have immediate access to their money.

The reason that we’re enabling this is that we completely understand the hesitation and unease that comes with unforeseen delays – so we want to allow investors to take their chips off the table if they so choose. This is a proactive measure by Bulkestate to further solidify the fact that our mission is always to protect our investors and give them access to some of the most exciting property investment opportunities in a fair and secure way. Investments always come with some risk, but we hope that this will offer further mitigations for certain investors in specific situations.

Are There Specific Eligibility Requirements for Direct Exit?

It’s important to note that the ‘Direct Exit’ product is designed for those cases where objects run into delays or significant challenges. As such, the eligibility criteria are relatively strict.

From an object perspective, only certain projects will be eligible for this product. These will be communicated when necessary and will typically be limited to those that are severely delayed or subject to default. In addition, this product will only be available to the extent that there are sufficient funds in the purchasing pool managed by Bulkestate or third party.

For clients, it will be available on a first-come first serve basis for those who would like to exit their investments. The decision is made voluntarily and will be made through a formal declaration of intent.

Looking After Our Investors

This programme is an important step as we scale our company to ensure that every investor is looked after and that the inherent risks of these projects are effectively managed. We hope that you’ll take the time to familiarize yourself with the details here and use the product in good faith – as we so intend.

This does nothing to slow our efforts to continually fight for each and every investment – doing all that we can to maximize returns and delight our clients. Our mission remains firm.

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