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Apartment No.27

Riga, Meža Street 4

2nd floor 73.6 m² 3 rooms Riga, Latvia

55,847 €

market price 65,900 €

  • 759 €/m²

    market price 895 €/m²

  • 15% = 10053€


Deal finished

Reservation fee 5 584 €

The apartment has a short-term tenant. The tenancy may be terminated by notifying the tenant one month in advance of the anticipated terminationRental term: 31.07.2020.

Potential yield if rented: 10,66% (Gross) / According to Starlex

Purchase information of an apartment:

  • The subject of the purchase agreement is rights to a deemed part of the immovable property and the right to use the chosen apartment.
  • Currently, the real estate is encumbered with a mortgage and a ban in favour of AS SEB banka. At the same time when signing the purchase agreement, an escrow account agreement is signed with the seller and its secured lender (AS “SEB banka”) and the buyer and/or the lending credit institution of the buyer. The escrow account agreement will specify the procedure for removing the secured mortgage and the ban in favour of the buyer.
  • If you are a non-citizen of the Republic of Latvia or a citizen of another country, you will need permission from the Property Acquisition Department of the Riga City Council Property Department to acquire deemed parts of the land.

In addition to the purchase price of the selected apartment, other costs will be:

  • state fee for the registration of property rights in the Land Register in the amount of  2% of the purchase price or cadastral value (applicable to the highest amount);
  • a clerical fee for securing property rights of EUR 14,23; if you wish to obtain a land registry certificate - EUR 7,11;
  • estimated notary costs will not exceed EUR 250;
  • escrow account contract costs according to AS “SEB banka” price list.

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